Air Force Missions

Air Force Missions

Complete missions by using a helicopter to destroy the targets
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Fly around in a heavy battle helicopter and destroy the enemies to get powerups and upgrades. Makes use of an entire arsenal featuring missiles, lasers, bombs, machine guns and air support.

Air Force Missions is a great action game. At the beginning of the game you will see a very colorful cartoon animation as introduction and once you have access to the main screen you can enter top scores, information and options. Under the options you will be able to configure the screen, music and sounds, and controls. You can choose to play in single player mode or cooperative and you have 5 different difficulty levels to choose from. The two objectives of the game are to stay alive and destroy as much enemies as you can. In the game you will pilot a heavy battle helicopter, so you will have a lot of weapons, from machine guns, to missiles, bombs and even air support. During the game you can raise your rank depending on the number of enemies you destroy and the amount of stars you recollect. When you destroy certain vehicles you can gain bonuses, powerups and upgrades of your weapons and through the game you will also be able to activate different new helicopters that you will be able to choose later. The different helicopters you can choose have different speed and armor levels. For shooting you will use the Ctrl Key and you can move with the arrow keys in your keyboard, you can also control the helicopter using your mouse. Enjoy this great game and its amazing graphics. We recommend you to play it without other applications running.

Augusto Rivera
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  • Great graphics and carton animation introductions


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